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This is a project where we were contracted to install new White PVC Fascia, Soffits and Gutter to the property along with a sand and re-paint of the original Cedar Linings on the vertical face of the house and additionally to replace the old flat felt roof which was starting to leak and install a new plastic dry verge system to replace the original cement verge which was all cracked and loose where water ingress was starting to occur which is a common occurrence on properties with cement verge and this can lead to a damaged roof fabric and in some case, some serious structural damage to the roof timbers.

We erected the necessary scaffold around the property to ensure a safe working platform for the workforce and carried out all works as contracted. Unfortunately on this project for customer, we discovered that while were carrying out the works, there was actually quite a large amount of cracked tiles on the roof, where these could be replaced, but this was a clear sign that the tiles were coming to the end of there useful life, where customer decided to replace all the tiles on the main house roof.As part of this, we recommended that the the roof was recovered with new OSB sarking board and breather membrane with new timber battens at the same time, which was fortuitous, as you will see form the photo, the original felt and sarking board was in a very poor condition, where we were able to move speedily to re-sark and tile the whole roof.

This is a project, where we were able to pull in additional workforce from another project to quickly move this all forward.The front elevation of the property also had old style grey pipes sticking through the roof for extractor fan vents and soil pipe vents for toilets, where these were place for neater tile vents which all adds to a far nicer appearance for the property.

All the linings were given a good sand and given three coats of suitable stain which has all added to the overall aesthetics of the property. At the top of the chimney stack, the harling was all cracked, where the blocks were all loose, where these are removed and we re-built the top two courses in Fyfestone to finish this off.

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