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This a property which was sorely looking for an upgrade with the Windows’s fortis and fascias and roof repairs. Due to the original way, the roof was constructed.


This is one of the projects where with the grey colour and the photos being taken on a dull day, the photos simply do not show the real difference, that the new Fascias and Soffit replacement works made to this property, where our customer was thoroughly delighted with the outcome.

The overhangs on the roof were dipping quite badly due to the previous construction not being strong enough. What we didn't know, was just how bad the roof timbers were, behind the Fascias and as you can see from the photo of the rotten timbers which was all the way up both gables of the house. we landed stripping the roof at both sides and install much stronger timbers and new sarking boards, felt and timber battens and then retiled those areas with new Plastic Dry Verge.

The complete house had new Anthracite Grey PVC Fascia and Soffit installed and the painted Cedar Linings on the Vertical wall were fully sanded and given three coats of paint which gave the house a much smarter appearance. When you have Cedar linings on a property, these more often than not, do not require to be replaced as they contain a natural oil within them where they do not rot, where a good sand and paint can bring the back to life, where they will last many years to come and this often looks better than a large area clad in PVC.

All the windows in the property were replaced with new Anthracite Grey on White double Glazed PVC windows which has made a huge difference to the visual appearance of the property, along with increasing the energy efficiency of the property.

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