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Martin had a conservatory which had only been up for around 10 years, but was fed up of the yearly cycle off too warm in the summer months and too cold in winter and wanted to have room that they could use all year round along. 

The fact that original style of conservatory wasn’t the best for furniture layouts and it also covered the Kitchen window. We were tasked with coming up with a solution to the problem, where with a bit of thought and discussion, it was decided that the best option was to reduce the size of the Conservatory in width and open up the wall between the house and replacement Extension, whereby, although the footprint had been reduced, due to the open plan nature, along with interior partition removal, the actual physical space was so much more user friendly and to all intense purposes, created a far more user friendly space for everyone to enjoy.

A new Kitchen window was installed and as we had suspected, with the passage of time, the newly exposed harling that had once been covered by the conservatory was brighter than the existing exposed harling, where the whole rear elevation was re-harled to leave a much more aesthetically pleasing finish.

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